Household Challenges
  • Dependence on maid/cook to prepare meals is growing in cities.
  • Juggling time between house chores, responsibilities and cooking!
  • Shopping ingredients, storage, chopping, preparing and then cooking
Women facing Household Challenges
Women facing Household Challenges

We have a Optimal Solution

GravyMix Pouch

GravyStar's Onion Tomato gravy mix is a 100% Organic Multi-purpose Vegetarian ready-to-use mix used to prepare all types of Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian dishes

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Life made Easy
  • Multipurpose & easy to cook as per your taste buds
  • Juggle Between time, responsibility and all preparation for food
  • Procuring was ingredient, storage, chopping, preparing and then cooking
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Saves energy and time

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Authentic home like taste

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Consistent quality and cost

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Natural and hygienic

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100% Vegetarian & No Preservatives

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Mild spice flavor

Gravymix regular pouch
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Hot & Spicy

Spicy flavor

Gravymix hot & spicy pouch
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Leave your kitchen stress behind!

  • No more chopping vector icon

    No tearful chopping

  • Tears rolling vector icons

    No time constraint

  • Running around vector icons

    Ran out of ingredients


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